Hypertext Transfer Protocol memes


9.1.2 Idempotent Methods
The methods GET, HEAD,PUT and DELETE share this property.



A successful response SHOULD be 200 (OK) if the response includes an entity describing 
the status, 202 (Accepted) if the action has not yet been enacted, or 204 (No Content)
if the response is OK but does not include an entity.

9.7小节, delete正确且牛逼的返回应该是: 1) 带entity返回 => 200, 异步还未处理结束 => 202, 不带entity返回 => 204 这个有人用对过么?

The PATCH method is similar to PUT except that the entity contains a list of differences
between the original version of the resource identified by the Request-URI and the desired
content of the resource after the PATCH action has been applied. The list of differences
is in a format defined by the media type of the entity (e.g., "application/diff") and MUST
include sufficient information to allow the server to recreate the changes necessary to
convert the original version of the resource to the desired version.小节给出了这么一个addtional的请求方法,跟put的区别是patch会返回diff而不是整个entity.所以put是幂等的,patch则可幂等可不幂等..所以就不是幂等的...rails 4在还在纠结该怎么映射patch跟put在actionpack的update上.纠结着呢..


另: 看thread学知识: github rails pull-request 505